Bodywork venue

Sanctuary 1 002Shiatsu or Craniosacral therapy is available at

The Retreat Farm

Bassetts Lane, Litttle Baddow CM3 4BZ



I love working at the Retreat Farm – it’s a very special place but can be difficult to find the first time.  I will send you directions if you let me know which direction you are coming from.

I’m there on Saturdays and some Friday afternoons – hopefully will be there more regularly on Fridays soon.


I charge £45 per session and allow up to an hour and a quarter.  If you would like me to teach you some individually tailored chi kung forms at the end of your treatment to enhance the healing process, I charge £55 for an hour and a half.

I can offer a small number of reduced fee sessions per month in cases of hardship.

It is entirely your choice as to whether you book another session, or how often you return, though I will offer my professional opinion about what may be of benefit.