Craniosacral Therapy

Light touch, deep acting therapy available in Little Baddow 

Biodynamic craniosacral therapy is a way of supporting the body’s own self healing ability, using a light touch to tune in to the very deep rhythms that are within us and which pervade all of life.  It is is a very safe way for the body to gradually release physical or emotional trauma.

A craniosacral therapist is interested in three rhythms known as the Cranial Rhythmic Impulse, the Mid tide and the Long tide.  The complete cycles are about 5-8 seconds, 25 seconds and 100 seconds  respectively.  Craniosacral therapy sees these rhythms as the central organising principle in the body.  Microscopic filming of embryological development shows a regular pulsing as the original cells divide and begin to organise around a mid line; it is this slow pulsing that seems to allow the cells to differentiate even before the DNA kicks in.  If this is the central organising principle, then contacting it should help the body bring itself back into alignment,

The therapist tunes in and senses where flow is disrupted.  Our fingertips have 2,500 nerve endings per square centimetre to help with this.  Most people’s bodies can respond to this kind of light touch and find it highly therapeutic.  The body relaxes and begins to let go of tensions that are restricting free flow.  Clients may feel as if a burden has been lifted;  there may be all sorts of skeletal adjustments, though this may take a number of sessions if the problem is longstanding.  Generally people feel their energy has increased. 

As craniosacral therapy is such a gently treatment, it often takes more than one session to achieve sustained benefit.  However, because it’s your body deciding how it wants to change, and doing it at its own pace, in my experience the benefits are often long lasting.

My training was with Body Intelligence.